By Paula @ Holiday World

The Walk to Cure Diabetes, that is.

We’re hosting this walk next Saturday, May 20.

Mrs. Koch spoke at the news conference when the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation announced the details.

As she told the media, “They can send a man to the moon and back. Why can’t we all pull together to fund research to finally find a cure for diabetes?”

Diabetes is not simply an inconvenience, it’s a serious disease. And when a child has it, life changes for the entire family.

I asked Mrs. Koch for a few comments to share:

I love the quote from the Talmud, “All of us are responsible for one another.”

I feel a sense of responsibility and gratitude that Holiday World and the Koch family will be sponsoring the Diabetes Walk to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

I have been personally affected by the disease of diabetes and know how devastating it can be for a child and for a family. Much progress has been made, but research is essential to help those who have the disease now and also to hopefully eradicate the disease. I will be walking with the group and hope that we can raise money for further research projects. It cannot happen unless all of us care for one another.

Will has donated 1,000 park tickets as an incentive for folks to raise some research funds and then come to the park to walk (and then ride) 1.2 miles at Holiday World. Let’s raise a lot!

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