Bigger than expected

My husband, son, and my mother and I just visited Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

We had an absolutely wonderful time!!!!

We feel that park is better than even Kings Island!!!!

We were surprised at how big it was and how much there was to do! We will definitely go back again!!!!!! The Santa Claus you have there is awesome!!!! He is really good at what he does!


Mike, Stacey and Jared M.
Karen S.

Rhymes with “perky”

Do you reserve a certain tone of voice for select words?

Like perky?

Can't help but add a rather sarcastic punch to the first syllable and a higher-than-normal pitch.

I find I do that same thing with quirky. Do you? says we're quirky.

Are we?

I just don't know.

Quirky rhymes with turkey, too.

One of the definitions is strikingly unconventional. Guess we can't argue with that. also says we're an "alternative to major theme park."

Got that right.

Here's the article.

Back after 45 years

Dear Management of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari;

The last time I visited “Santa Claus Land” was in 1960 or 1961 and saw one of the greatest water ski-shows ever.

Just last week, my wife, son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons visited for two days. What a wonderful experience! The rides are great (rode Voyage twice), the whole park extremely clean and well-maintained, free drinks and a fair price.

I wish you great success as you continue to provide great times for families.


Randy N.
Greenwood, Ind.

Father and son

With the majority of our State (not to mention Louisville and Cincinnati) on "fast time" and our portion of Indiana on "slow time," there are a number of people who arrive at the park, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, a little on the early side.

I pulled into my parking space a little before 8am CDT. The sprinkling of cars in the Raven Lot were surely families who lived on Eastern Daylight Time.

Sometimes people grumble, "Stupid Hoosiers … can't get their time straight." We smile sympathetically and nod.

A few claim it says EDT on our website. No one has managed to show us exactly where, though …

This morning, a father and son wandered their way up to the admissions area. The son looked to be seven or eight years old. He and dad were ready for a big day together. They might have 90 minutes to wait for the gates to open, but they weren't going to waste that time sitting in their car.

Still in my car, I saw them both suddenly freeze. Neither one moved. They were standing with their backs to me, so I couldn't tell what was going on.

And then I heard it: Click, click, click …

The coaster maintenance crew was finishing up with the morning's check of The Raven. They always send it around the track empty as part of their work.

Father and son's heads rose in harmony as they watched the red train ascend the lift hill.


As the train crested the hill and charged down that first drop and into the woods, the guys turned to each other, huge grins on their faces.

Dad held out his hand and Junior leaped into the air to complete the high-five.

Welcome to Holiday World, guys.

“I am extremely fussy…”

I just wanted you to know that we just visited Holiday World & Splashin Safari.

It was Very Fun!! Very Clean!! and Very Friendly!!

I love the drink idea.

We had such a wonderful time that when we got home we told everyone.

I am extremely fussy about public swimming so we have our own pool. It is a big joke among the people that know us. So everyone looks at me when we tell them about your place.

My response couldn’t be more sincere.

Your commercial is right on target. We live in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. So our journey was not a long one.

We will be back!

Thank you for a Great Day.

Diane H.
Hendersonville, Tenn.

Two different parks on two different weekends

Dear Staff of Holiday World,

My friends and I were at your park on Friday, June 23.

Four out of six of our group had not been to your park before. I live in Boonville, Ind., so going to your park is pretty run of the mill for me, or so I thought.

The weekend before this we went to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. The night before we left the Travel Channel (I think) was showing the best parks. Of course there was Holiday World at the top with great awards. I told everyone that it really was a great time, but I too wanted to go to a different park and so we went.

Six Flags is a terrible park. One it is an older park that has not been kept up, paint is faded and peeling everywhere. Rides were broken and paths to and from rides were overgrown with weeds. The staff at that park is terrible. I know that there are always those that excel in their positions, but I feel like those were few and far between there. Also smoking is allowed there along with the consumption of alcohol, both of which are not family-oriented.

So this past weekend we visited you. Thank you for a great day! My friends and I always seem to have a great time no matter what we do, but your park really made it an enjoyable day. I was with a group of guys, so we always try to give the female workers a hard time by asking questions about the ride they are operating or how their day is going. Everyone we talked to responded with usually a laugh, but then continued with a smile and a most brief conversation. They really seem to take pride in your park, with their attitudes and appearance. Both male and female workers were groomed well, and represented a wholesome atmosphere.

My friends that had never been before were surprised at how much your park offered and I was glad that all I had said to build up your park to them was reiterated throughout the entire day. We want to come back as soon as our summer classes are over with and we have extra time.

Thanks for a great day of memories,

Brett F., 21
Boonville, Ind.

Why wood?

Here's Will's explanation of why Holiday World added a third wooden coaster this season:

"We believe that wooden roller coasters, in general, appeal to a wider (family) demographic than steel coasters do. They have that traditional look and feel. Wooden coasters shake. They vibrate. You know you're on a ride."


Comparing water parks

I just wanted to say a few words about Holiday World in comparison to Orlando’s Wet n Wild.

We recently went on a family vacation to Florida and decided to go to Wet n Wild in Orlando. Boy were we disappointed!!!! After being at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, we expected great things from a park in Orlando.

Not only was the cost of admission more, the food prices were higher (much higher), there were no free soft drinks, no free sunscreen, you had to rent inner tubes if you wanted one for the lazy river and the place was a pig sty!!!! And not only that, but the workers were rude!!!

We absolutely love your park and the people working there!!! We will be back again to see you this summer!!!! Holiday World in my opinion is the best park in the country!!!!

Thank you for being sooooooooo great!!!!!!!

Dawn M.
Terre Haute, Ind.

An apology …

… to the 20-something woman who looked terrified moments ago when, out in the raging thunderstorm, I urged her to take cover in the Holiday Theater:


I just looked in the mirror.

Mascara down to the jawline is not a good look.

If we lose the World's Friendliest Park status this year, we'll all know why.

Kids had a blast

I visited your park (along with two children and husband) last Sunday and would like to tell you how much we loved your park.

Holiday World is awesome, the kids had a blast and the rides were very age appropriate!

We also loved the water park!

It was our first time visiting from Indianapolis, although we have known about you guys for years.

I will DEFINITELY recommend Holiday World to all of my friends and family. I can’t say enough about you guys!

Thanks for the memories and keep up the great work!

Jonnell R.
Indianapolis, Ind.

PS: The free drinks and free parking were a HUGE hit!