By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s happened again. Another HoliCouple.

Joe and Kayla, sittin’ in a …

… coaster?

They met here eight years ago, working in rides.

So when Joe gathered up his courage to pop the question (although his friends feared he’d faint), he wanted to do it somewhere special.

At The Raven.

Joe's proposal

Kayla happily said yes and off they went for a ride on The Raven.

Surely no one thought to mention that, as a married couple, they would experience life’s ups and downs.

Will is half of a HoliCouple, too. He met his wife, Lori, while they both worked here as college students.

Will and the happy HoliCouple

Kayla to Will: Wanna see my ring?

We all wish Kayla and Joe nothing but happiness … Evermore!
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