By Paula @ Holiday World

I visited Holiday World last Tuesday, June 13, and just yesterday, June 20. I had a great time as usual. I’ve been visiting with my family for many years now since I was about six.

I enjoy the feeling of walking into your park and being greeted by the staff, and seeing Santa (the statue and the live one). We always get a picture by his statue. My little brother and sister always visit Santa, and get a picture taken with him.

I am, and always have been, impressed by the park staff, and the park’s cleanliness. You guys have trash cans everywhere, so I don’t have to walk through half the park to find one. I hate how in amusement parks you can’t find a trash can easily, but not at Holiday World. You guys make sure people can find the trash cans.

Your pizza is amazing as well. Every time we visit, we get pizza for dinner at Kringle’s Kafe. And we also go throughout the park knowing we can drink something good when we’re thirsty. I love the free unlimited soft drinks.

My family and I are blown away by the progress you have made through the years we’ve visited. I am impressed by The Voyage also. During my first visit of this season, I rode The Voyage seven times.

Your website and brochures say to visit during the months of May and June, and that’s no lie. The lines for everything were much better than those at other parks. I hate going to Cedar Point just because of the long wait, but I won’t get into all of that.

I was surprised and happy that I got to ride the Voyage three times in a row without having to get up. The Raven is my second favorite of the three roller coasters.

Splashin’ Safari is the best water park I have ever been to. The one at Kings Dominion in Virginia is horrible. You guys have it all. You have two wave pools, two rivers, the longest water slide, the best water slides, and free sunscreen! I’ve decided Bahari wave pool is better, but that’s just me.

Thanks for all that you guys do, and keep it up. I plan to visit next summer, and work there one summer after I graduate. See you guys in 2007!

Jai J.
Age 15
Jacksonville, N.C.

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