By Paula @ Holiday World

With the majority of our State (not to mention Louisville and Cincinnati) on “fast time” and our portion of Indiana on “slow time,” there are a number of people who arrive at the park, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, a little on the early side.

I pulled into my parking space a little before 8am CDT. The sprinkling of cars in the Raven Lot were surely families who lived on Eastern Daylight Time.

Sometimes people grumble, “Stupid Hoosiers … can’t get their time straight.” We smile sympathetically and nod.

A few claim it says EDT on our website. No one has managed to show us exactly where, though …

This morning, a father and son wandered their way up to the admissions area. The son looked to be seven or eight years old. He and dad were ready for a big day together. They might have 90 minutes to wait for the gates to open, but they weren’t going to waste that time sitting in their car.

Still in my car, I saw them both suddenly freeze. Neither one moved. They were standing with their backs to me, so I couldn’t tell what was going on.

The Raven And then I heard it: Click, click, click …

The coaster maintenance crew was finishing up with the morning’s check of The Raven. They always send it around the track empty as part of their work.

Father and son’s heads rose in harmony as they watched the red train ascend the lift hill.


As the train crested the hill and charged down that first drop and into the woods, the guys turned to each other, huge grins on their faces.

Dad held out his hand and Junior leaped into the air to complete the high-five.

Welcome to Holiday World, guys.
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