Family time in a hurried-up world

I just wanted to let you know about my family’s visit to your park.

First off I want to let you know that I am a college student on a very fixed income so taking my family (my husband and 2 children) on vacation is a strain on our budget.

So, when we decided to take our family to your park we were unsure how much of a strain it would be. We were so surprised by the affordable price and the prices of your food! When we visit Kings Island and other places like that we spend time to go to the store and pack a cooler. We did not do that at your park and we were so glad. Your food was awesome and so cheap! There was plenty of space to sit and eat and the place was so clean!

Thank you so much for the free drinks and sunscreen (even though it rained the entire day! ha ha) Your staff was so nice and great with the kids. I did not see one person unhappy or mean-faced!

Again, I just want to tell you what a great time we had. Like I said above it rained the entire day but in spite of that we had a better time then we have ever had at Kings Island or even Cedar Point! Wow… I cant imagine that I would ever say that.

Thank you for keeping your prices low and making it possible to squeeze a little family time in a hurried-up world!

Dena B.
Plainfield, Indiana

Comparing parks in two states

My family was able to visit both Holiday World and Six Flags St. Louis this summer since two of my children won a ticket to each.

I would like to say after just visiting both parks, I would love to come back to Holiday World when I can afford the gas again.

Your park was much cleaner, and the staff was much nicer then Six Flags.

I would also like to compliment you on how your staff was able to treat my middle son, who is autistic. Sometimes he is hard to handle, but your staff was able to handle him like a pro.

Overall, I found your park to be a better value as well as more enjoyable and will be glad to recommend you to anyone I come into contact to.

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable day. I look forward for a return visit.

Vicki E.
Tamaroa, Illinois

Fantastic ride

My family and I had the opportunity to visit Holiday World yesterday (July 30).

As has been the case in our previous visits over the years, the guest experience was fantastic! We enjoyed all the rides, shows, Splashin’ Safari and of course, the food. Two slices of pepperoni pizza (and we’re talking big slices) and fries for $5.29 is the best food value I’ve seen in all of my travels to amusement/theme parks across the country.

I have ridden a few hundred roller coasters, some a few thousand times more than others. There are some great roller coasters out there, but in my opinion, the top three wooden roller coasters on the planet can all be found in one place: Holiday World.

The Voyage was as the people I know who had ridden it advertised: TERRIFIC! I haven’t experienced that kind of thrill on a roller coaster since 1979, when I rode The Beast for the first time. Each time I got off The Voyage I couldn’t wait to get back in line and do it all over again. Just a fantastic ride! I can say without hesitation it’s the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden.

Don H.
Fairfield, Ohio

Trip report from Pennsylvania

During this past week, my mom and I (from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) met up with my brother’s family (from Des Moines, Iowa) and his extended family (from Indianapolis, Indiana) for two days of fun at your park on July 27-28.

I have nothing but good things to say about your park!

I’m a self-proclaimed amusement park enthusiast which probably became embedded in my system while working for four years at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 20 years ago.

This was our first trip to Holiday World.

Our group decided that we really enjoyed and sincerely appreciated the following:

FREE DRINKS: Other parks usually charge almost $3 for a drink that is often way too large for what we need. Price gouging at its finest! Your drink stations were plentiful, easy to find (even for the kids in our group … ages 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9), and had lots of choices, including non-carbonated selections. We found that the kids didn’t overdo it once they understood that the drinks would always be available. And no fighting over having to share cups because the drinks were too large for one person! In addition, it seemed to make the lines at refreshment stands move more quickly when the servers did not also have to handle drink orders.

NO SMOKING: Thank you for considering everyone’s health, especially the kids’. I have asthma, so I really appreciate this move on your part. Other parks do not allow smoking in queue lines or on the rides. However, I can’t count the number of times I have been relaxing on a bench (at another park) when a smoker has sat down and lit up right beside me. I’m sure the smoke-free zones have also helped with park cleanliness. At Kennywood Park, it seems that the “sweeperettes” spend most of their time cleaning up cigarette butts!

CLEANLINESS: When my mom and I first arrived at the park, we were welcomed at the edge of the parking lot by Pat Koch. “Hey, I saw her picture on the website!” I told my mom. Pat was very pleasant and answered our questions about the terrain of the park. (We were deciding whether my mom would need a wheelchair.) We chuckled at her nametag that said “The Queen of Clean.” I think you can give that title (or “king”) to every one of your employees. They all made a visible effort to keep things sparkling, from wiping up spills and picking up litter in their areas to polishing windows in shops and refreshment stands. Apparently, this rubbed off on the guests because I have never seen so many people cleaning up after themselves in an amusement park! I was especially impressed with the cleanliness in the water park restrooms and changing rooms. That’s a lot of drippy people to keep up with!

COURTESY AND OVERALL PLEASANT ATTITUDE: I get the feeling that your employees really like working at the park. They are proud of their park, their jobs and their co-workers. They are able to answer questions about things in the park that may have nothing to do with their jobs. If they couldn’t answer a question, they quickly referred us to someone who could. Interactions went beyond just a pleasant hello. I found that the kids in our group learned to return their courtesy. I was proud to hear the kids saying “thank you” to ride attendants each time they left a ride, something they don’t normally do in an amusement park with strangers. I also found that we spent a lot of time interacting with other visitors to the park … the friendliness in your park is contagious!

VARIETY OF RIDES AND ATTRACTIONS: Once again, we found that everyone in our group (ages 3-77) had plenty of rides, shows, foods and activities to keep them happy. I thought my 77-year old mom might get bored sitting in a wheelchair all day, but that was definitely NOT the case. There were several rides she could go on that were gentle enough for her bad back. She enjoyed the doll museum, glassblower and toy display. She really liked the wave pools and the lazy rivers. We managed to try every slide in Splashin’ Safari many times. The kids liked any amusement rides that spun or that they could drive. Kiddie rides are nicely mixed in with adult rides so that everyone could keep busy at the same time and not have to spend a lot of time waiting for each other. For example, Grandma took the three youngest kids to the Christmas kiddie rides while the adults and older children rode on The Raven and The Legend. We all got a kick out of the diving show. As for The Voyage, the adults are still trembling! I have ridden a lot of coasters in my life, but I have never experienced such a wild combination of features … banked turns, speed, direction changes and the best … a tunnel with dips inside. The element of surprise on our first ride is unmatched in my riding career! I’ll be watching the Golden Ticket Awards program to see where The Voyage ranks this year. Good luck!

PRICING: With so many kids in our group, pricing is always an issue when we choose a vacation meeting place. Your general admission price is reasonable, plus, we picked up discount coupons at Ponderosa the night before. We really liked paying only $19 to return for an additional day. We bought a 2-day pass as soon as we got there (although I like the option of buying the second-day ticket before leaving on the first day). Knowing that we had two days to enjoy the park kept us from feeling that we had to hurry up to squeeze in everything we wanted to try. It made for a much more relaxed trip and allowed us to ride our favorites multiple times. I also felt that prices in the refreshment stands and in the gift shops were all very reasonable and family-friendly.

I could probably go on and on about our trip to Holiday World. I picked up plenty of brochures to share with my friends back in Pennsylvania. You have definitely impressed me and I know I will be back for more in the future.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful playspot for families!

Judy P.
Jeannette, Pennsylvania


I wanted to let you know that my family and I had a great time when we visited your park recently.

We live in middle Tennessee and heard about you on the radio. We flew into Huntingburg Airport and stayed at Santa’s Lodge.

It was refreshing to visit a clean and Christian family park. The rides were fun, the staff was friendly, and the food was reasonably priced. We will tell others of your facility and plan on returning in the future.

God bless,
Dr. James C.

Terrific day

My family visited Holiday World on Friday, July 26.

In addition to your advertised points such as free sunscreen (did not need sunscreen – needed rust inhibitor! (drizzly day)), free parking, and free beverages, we also found the park to be very clean and friendly.

My special notes include that the park is basically non-smoking (a very big GOOD point for me) and the fact that I did not see beer anywhere.

The Voyage is AWESOME – definitely the most out-of-control-feeling coaster on the planet.

Thanks for a terrific day. We will be back!


Joe L.
Terre Haute, Indiana

“No one had a meltdown, myself included”

I just wanted to let you know as a mother of four children under the age of five, I was not looking forward to visiting your park on a Saturday, or any day for that matter—last Saturday we brought the three boys here and it was awesome!

Your staff was friendly and the free drinks were so apprciated. My kids had so much fun and no one had a meltdown, myself included.

Thanks so much for a great time!!!

Jennifer H.

P.S. As a business owner, I was impressed w/your staff and the fact that the owners took the time to greet people at the park.

No blarney in this feature story

Mike Kelly just retired from his position as Travel Editor of the Toledo Blade.

So what's he doing now?

Traveling and writing stories for the paper.

Mike was a lot of fun. It was nice to have a fellow descendant of the Emerald Isle to trade stories with on a pleasant weekday morning in June.

I came close to telling him he reminded me of a character Craig T. Nelson would play (remember him in Coach?). He provided just enough not-quite snide comments to keep us chuckling.

Happily, his humor seeped into his feature story, which ran on Sunday.

This companion story tells about the rest of his press trip.

So nice to see that Mike is enjoying his hard-earned retirement. Nothing like a change of pace to make all those years in the salt mines worthwhile.

Free pop, sunscreen and great employees

We just visited your park this week for two days. We were here last year and had a great time last year so we came back this year.

You still have a top-of-the-line park. The free pop and parking and sunscreen and great employees is what brought us back.

The food is really reasonable; I can take my family here and not have to save a month’s wages just to pay for pop and food.

Keeping things reasonable will keep us coming back.

Six Flags and Cedar Point need to take a real good lesson from your park .. you guys should buy their parks and show them how to run them.

It was hot in the 90s when we came there and I didn’t hear one bad thing from your employees.

Thanks again for the great vacation.

The K. family
Laporte, Indiana

Son and friends chose Holiday World

I just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you all what a great time we had yesterday.

After years of visiting Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Kings Island and Cedar Point, I honestly thought I had seen and done it all.

Earlier this year I had promised my son and three of his friends a trip to Kings Island if they got good grades, tried hard in baseball and LaCross, and helped around their houses.

Last week they asked me if they could go to Holiday World instead of Kings Island. I had seen all the commercials and honestly thought this would be a smaller, less exciting version of Kings Island.

WOW was I surprised!!! We had a great time!

Everyone at the park was very friendly, helpful and most of all seemed like they actually were having fun.

I especially enjoyed the family atmosphere that is being cultivated at your park and was even more surprised that the cost of eating in the park was very reasonable. (Especially since I was there with three young men who typically eat me out of house and home weekly.)

Thank you so much for offering such a nice place to the people of Indiana and Kentucky!

Warm regards,
Robert L. and family
Noblesville, Indiana