By Paula @ Holiday World

My folks live in Madison, Connecticut.

They have a subscription to the New York Times.

I probably need to send them a box of Band-Aids and a tube of Neosporin for all the paper cuts they’ve surely endured the past week.

Because the New York Times interviewed Will for a business article a few weeks back.

And then they sent a photographer. With a very big lens. It was fun walking around the park with Dan, as he asked folks he’d just photographed for their names and hometowns.

“I’m from the New York Times… ”

But this was an “evergreen” story. That means it’s not breaking news and will be just as fresh tomorrow as it was yesterday.

Evergreen stories tend to get bumped. And I explained this to Mom and Dad once word came that the article was in the chute, scheduled to run … sooner or later.

Undaunted, they dutifully scoured every inch of the paper for days.

Happily, only a few bumps occurred.

And today the article appeared on page 3 of the business section (sorry, it’s no longer available online).

Here’s my favorite quote from Will: “When I need to make a decision I call my brother and sister and they say, ‘O.K.'”

Will Koch and The Voyage

He’s going pay for that comment once Dan and Natalie see it!

(Thanks to Dan Patmore for the “extra” photo.)
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