By Paula @ Holiday World

If you’ve ever stayed in Splashin’ Safari till closing time, you may have noticed the chair thing.

Fireworks at Holiday WorldAs the supervisors walk from water ride to water ride, they straighten the chairs. Lined up evenly, they’re ready for the next day. This is done rather subtly prior to closing and then they really go to town. All the chairs are lined up, ready for the opening, when they’ll all be rearranged again. (Will refuses to call them chairs; they’re “towel holders” in his book.)

On Tuesday, we reopened a portion of Splashin’ Safari just before the 4th of July fireworks got underway.

Lori, the director for Splashin’ Safari, stood out on the island by the entrance to Congo River.


Those chairs. Freshly straightened, they would soon be grabbed and rearranged all over the island.

She joked to another employee, “Would you go over and ask everyone to please remember exactly where they got their chairs and be sure to return them after the fireworks?”

The fireworks were great. The oooohs and ahhhhs were outweighed only by the cheers and applause. Hearts were swelling with patriotism and emotion.

But for Lori, the most emotional moment came when she turned to start dragging scores of chairs back to their places.

Every last Guest, without being asked, took his or her chair back to its place of origin on the island. All lined up, neat as a pin. Ready to go for July 5.

God bless America!
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