By Paula @ Holiday World

Hard to believe, but 365 days ago, we announced The Voyage.

Ah, the memories.

From the Snowy White Gravel Road (that name has caught on around here, by the way) …

… to the increasingly annoying HoliHints

… to the scramble to help our friends overseas early that morning …

… and, of course, so many folks tuning in to stream the announcement that we crashed WEHT’s server.

Months and months of construction.

A Discovery Channel show that has yet to air in the U.S.

And a perfect launch:

Voyage's opening day

That’s launch, not lunch!

That’s Mrs. Koch and, well, Mrs. Koch (Will’s wife, Lori) launching The Voyage on May 4. Those bottles were so delicate we opted out of filling them with liquid. Thank goodness we had extras!

My, my, the many happy, surprised, and delighted faces we’ve seen each day since then.

The Voyage

It has been a fantastic Voyage, indeed.
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