By Paula @ Holiday World

What an alarming newspaper headline to greet you first thing on a Saturday morning: “Holiday World visitor suffers humiliating loss.”

Now what?

Must be something about a ride we used to have. We hear all summer long from folks who want us to know how scarred their families are since we removed the Banshee four years ago. They really do get emotional about it.

One poor guy emailed to check about whether we still had the Virginia Reel tilt-a-whirl. It seems he and his now-wife had shared their first kiss on it. He was worried about keeping her busy during their visit so she wouldn’t realize it was gone, too.

And two days ago, an emailer lamented the disappearance of the ’70s-era piano-playing chicken.

But only one person mourns the loss of Tank Tag.

The Lost Parents/Height Measurement Station located next to the Alamo used to be the building for Tank Tag, a life-sized game built in 1992 with, you guessed it, tanks. Tori, our rides director, insists on still calling that little building Tank Tag, despite my frequent protests.

On the two-way radio: “We need more Phone Find wristbands at Tank Tag!”


Using logic to appeal to Tori does no good. The Alamo replaced Tank Tag back in 1997. That means Tank Tag disappeared a full decade ago, long before many of our seasonal employees started working here.

Tori doesn’t care. Tank Tag is Tank Tag and it delights her that the rest of us grumble at the mention.

Back to that headline. The article turned out to be a “column.” One of those opinion pieces.

The author’s humiliation was the loss of his undies in Splashin’ Safari.

Not the first time this has happened.

It’s interesting to read the comments posted following the column. The subject of underwear seems to bring out very strong opinions. Some found the story cute and amusing while others were offended or annoyed.

Another rather personal item was left behind earlier in the season.

See it there? Hanging on the steel support…

A hairpiece.

We don’t allow cameras onboard The Voyage.

We don’t allow fanny packs (sorry Liz) onboard The Voyage.

We don’t allow cell phones onboard The Voyage.

But no one ever thought to mention…

Scream your hair off?

At the time, I was escorting a German journalist on a photo walkback of The Voyage.

(Anyone know the German word for wig? How about Tank Tag?)

Jochen was kind enough to forward the wig photos last month, knowing they were excellent fodder for blogging.

And yes, even though we don’t hang onto scivvies, the hairpiece was turned in at Lost & Found. (I cleverly stopped by Voyage Photos & Gifts and snagged a bag. Didn’t want to have to walk through the park holding someone’s hair, after all.)

Just think if the columnist had been the one to lose the hairpiece. Oh, the possibilities for headlines:

“Trip highlight: Voyage rider and hairpiece part company”

“Holiday World promises to comb park for wig”

“Loss of hair on coaster causes brush with embarrassment”

Ah, these hair puns really grow on you … in a permanent sort of way.

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