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That shoots my credibility all to heck.

If you were among the tons of people who stayed up a little later last night to watch The Colbert Report, you may have noticed Will was nowhere to be seen.


No naive assumptions had been made on this end. The direct question had been asked (twice, actually) and confirmed: Yes, this will air on Wednesday.

Ah, but stuff happens in the world of TV. I'll track down an answer today and will post whatever I find out as soon as I know something.

Meanwhile, there's a fun article in the Evansville Courier & Press this morning.

A litte make up for WillLove the photo.

The second I heard the crew ask if Will was "too shiny" I knew the newspaper's cameras would click like mad and Will would be pictured in the paper having makeup applied.

Oh, Will. Your kids will love this.

Jerry cracked me up, as he continually called Stephen Colbert "Steve." Somehow I don't think the on-air persona is cool with that.

There was an interview with "Assassination Vacation" author Sarah Vowell immediately after Will and Jerry's time, and that didn't air either. So maybe they decided there was just so much good stuff there, it was best to save for when they had more time.

We'll see.

But for now, Colbert is On Notice.

Colbert is On Notice

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