By Paula @ Holiday World

Today is September 25.

You know what that means, don’t you?

Just three months till Christmas!

Time for the keeping of secrets.

And stashing of surprises.

Speaking of which, we kept a big old secret for the last week back at the far end of the Snowy White Gravel Road.

Here’s a photo from halfway up the Jungle Racer tower.

That’s the side of Bahari on the right.

And to the left, that’s back-of-the-house.

A temporary parking lot for…


Quite a few trucks.

Why are they here … and why are they hidden?

Some sort of secret?

When we sneaked the trucks back there on September 17, it was easy to see what this was all about.

But before leaving the vehicles behind for the week, the drivers slapped on a little electrical tape to almost completely hide the answer to all those questions.

Any ideas?

Just about all of Southern Indiana has been in on the secret as we prepared to help out one very special family in St. Meinrad, a tiny town about 10 miles from here.

And early this morning, this young family awoke to the sound of a bus pulling up in front of their house, and an energetic fellow named Ty greeting them through his megaphone from their front yard.

“Good morning, Farina family!”

Yes, the big secret is ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is here in Spencer County. They’re helping out a family that has done so much for Relay for Life.

And now that family is in need.

Today is the “Door Knock” day (although maybe it should be called the “Megaphone Day”).

The Farina family, Steve and Shawna plus three lovely children, are being whisked off for a week-long cruise.

Then their belongings will be packed up and stored for the week.

And watch out on Wednesday, when the “Braveheart” scene takes place. This house, plus a building next door, will be demolished and a wonderful new one built just for them by hundreds of generous and caring locals:

I felt like a criminal taking this photo last week. But I was a block away, under some trees, and no one saw me. I quickly skulked away.

As much as I’d like to present the day-to-day “inside scoop” about this, I do want to respect the confidentiality the producers ask for, after all it’s their lovely story to tell (a Sunday evening in November).

But there will be some information made public and we’ll pass that along as the week progresses.

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