By Paula @ Holiday World

This very kind email arrived yesterday from Mark A. of Valley View, Ohio:

I would like to personally congratulate you on hitting the million attendance mark for 2006. I took my family to your park for our first overall visit in June of this year. Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, it was well worth the drive! Since we have season passes to Cedar Point, we wanted to start to visit parks outside of Ohio. We were very impressed with how clean your park is and how each and every one of your employees made us feel at home.

The second day we visited your park was on a Saturday and I remembered your web site telling us that is was going to be a very busy day. It was, but I felt your staff did an excellent job of dispatching guests through queues and even though I could tell the park was crowded, we were still able to accomplish everything we wanted to do that day.

You have found fans for life as we will be back next year. We want to thank you very much for a lovely trip and I am thrilled that you reached this milestone. We wish your park the very best for 2007 and look forward to seeing you then.

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