By Paula @ Holiday World

A few months ago, we poked fun at some of the remarkable headlines we’ve seen over the years.

This particular one is remarkable for its incredible lack of creativity or even basic descriptiveness.

It came in with a batch of newspaper clips that arrived in this week’s mail.

The article was the same in all the clips, an Associated Press report about our expansion plans for 2007.

Now, the headline writer does have space considerations. That’s understandable. If the story is just one or two columns wide, the headline will be shorter than for a four- or five-column-wide article.

Here are some reasonable headlines from the stack:

Holiday World announces new adventures for ’07
Holiday World plans expansion
Holiday World plans to build giant water slide
Holiday World to add seven-story water slide

and then there’s…

Bakuli will bowl you over at Holiday World in 2007!
Big slide coming
Seven-story slide slated for Holiday World in ’07

But what journalism professor wouldn’t clutch his or her heart after reading this doozy:

Park making adjustments


Why didn’t we think of that?

Quick! Someone call the Times!

The Trib!

The Star!

Just think of all the headlines that would jump off the page with that word in the mix!

Tom and Katie take adjustment out in public
St. Louis Cards finish series with adjustment
Dow Jones adjusts
Adjustment in NBC Nightly News anchor chair

Can you stand it? The possibilities are endless.

No, I won’t reveal which paper came up with that beaut. Wouldn’t want to be responsible, after all, for the headline writer’s…adjustment.

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