By Paula @ Holiday World

What a nice email.

And you know, even if the email hadn’t been all the great — who cares! — those little bubbies in the photos are too cute to pass up!

Apparently it was during a business trip that Allen B. of Columbus, Ohio, discovered us:

My colleagues and I were recently in Evansville for over six weeks, installing exhibits at the new Children’s Museum downtown. Many of us are theme park junkies, so we’d planned a weekend visit to Holiday World. Given the notice the park has received for cleanliness, friendliness, and coaster cool-ness, our expectations were already very high.

It is hard to express how thoroughly we were blown away by Holiday World. The Voyage is awesome, as are Raven and Legend. Every staff member we ran into was pleasant.

The place was a tremendous value.

Perhaps most importantly, Holiday World had heart. Unlike the corporate chains that most of us are familiar with, your park possesses a real earnestness. It is evident that you guys know who your guests are, and who you are.

Anyway, after that first visit, once was not going to be enough. We were back two weeks later, a bunch of big kids ready to play.

A week ago, my family and I made the trip to Evansville. A trip to Holiday World on the last day of the season was a must!

My two year old, Henry…

…and his almost-three year old cousin, Mason…

…absolutely adored the park. As small guys, there’s still some trepidation when it comes to getting on rides. The kid-sized attractions that Holiday World offers were perfect for them. After a couple of turns on the carousel, they were off to spin on the rockets, bounce around on the bumper boats, and set sail on a canoe.

I’d hoped to spend a couple of hours on some big-kid rides myself. In the end, I was having such a good time with these guys I abandoned that plan (with the exception of one spin on Voyage–after a five hour drive, I thought I’d earned it).

Thanks for making such a special place for kids of all sizes! Best wishes in 2007 (we’ll be back!).

That new children’s museum in Evansville? I wonder if Allen realized he was helping to set up a museum named for Louis J. Koch, the gentleman who founded this park 60 years ago.

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