By Paula @ Holiday World

This is not a political statement


Yes, this is election day. (Please be sure to vote if you’re 18 or older.)

It’s a total coincidence that we have new Turkey Whirl photos to show this morning.

Yes, some candidates may squeak through on a wing and a prayer today.

Others will be neck and neck until the final precinct checks in tonight.

A few lucky candidates feel confident they have a leg up on the other party.

And no matter what the outcome, we’re all pretty thankful to live in a Democracy, right?

This pretty bird will make an appearance next week at the annual trade show for theme parks.

IAAPA’s big convention is in Atlanta again this year. Remember this post and photo from last November? That’s when we got our first look at one of the trains for The Voyage.

After the convention, the entire flock is expected to arrive here in Santa Claus before the end of the year.

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