By Paula @ Holiday World

Did you notice the new drink on the block …er, Oasis, this summer?

Apparently a lot of folks did, as Orange Gatorade was the #4 most-consumed Free Unlimited Soft Drink here at the park in '06.

In case you've ever wondered, the top three have always been:

1. Pepsi
2. Mt. Dew
3. Dr Pepper

Although Pink Lemonade and Root Beer have always tied for 4th place in the past, the two were bumped to sharing #5 this season.

Orange Gatorade took over the #4 spot.

And if that's not enough to quench your thirst for all things trivial, please note that the missing period following the "Dr" in Dr Pepper is indeed correct. A quick check of their website, however, does not explain the omission.

It does, however, assure the customer that Dr Pepper does not include prune juice.

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