By Paula @ Holiday World

… ’cause this turkey is well done!

That’s Mike, our Maintenance & Safety Director and his wife, Kathy, all snuggled up in one of Turkey Whirl’s feathered friends. The bird was on display at the huge IAAPA Convention in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

I was only there for one day, and never found that particular booth. But while I was visiting our friends at the ACE booth, a man with a wildly determined look on his face hurried past us without looking up.


Our chorus of greetings snapped Will out of his deep concentration. He grinned sheepishly and stepped over to the booth to explain his rush.

“I heard that the guy who provided the ape costume that was used in the famous fake Bigfoot film is here!

“…and I just want to shake his hand.”

Who knew?

Alas, poor Will stopped by the costume booth a number of times during the convention but never did get to meet the Sasquatch provocateur.

Can we help but wonder if, perhaps, the whole thing was a hoax?

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