The plot thickens

They want to see for themselves.

Shoot their own footage.

Conduct more interviews.

Colbert is sending a crew.


I warned Wayne, our food services director, we might end up in Kringle’s.

I figure anyone on assignment for The Colbert Report, shooting footage about Santa Claus, will surely want to order an Elf Burger for lunch.

Or, if she’s not lactose intolerant, an Elf with Cheese.

Bumped, not scrapped

What a relief.

It seems the delay in the satellite taping yesterday (Will had a bad microphone at first and it took a while to get another hooked up to the sat truck) threw off the editing time.

So we’ve been bumped.

…but not scrapped.

Should air within a few weeks.

They’ll let us know.

And we’ll be sure to let you know.

Meanwhile, a new friend has appeared from out in the blogosphere:

Just thought I’d come out of the woodwork and send you my support on your upcoming “Colbert Report” segment. I have a Colbert-centric blog that has been covering your Holiblog antics and the PR stuff in the news about Koch’s appearance all week. …rest assured, my blog will stay vigilant in reporting your story until, well, it becomes a story.

Sort of a kumbaya moment.

Somehow it seems this story is far from over.

I’m putting Colbert “On Notice”


That shoots my credibility all to heck.

If you were among the tons of people who stayed up a little later last night to watch The Colbert Report, you may have noticed Will was nowhere to be seen.


No naive assumptions had been made on this end. The direct question had been asked (twice, actually) and confirmed: Yes, this will air on Wednesday.

Ah, but stuff happens in the world of TV. I'll track down an answer today and will post whatever I find out as soon as I know something.

Meanwhile, there's a fun article in the Evansville Courier & Press this morning.

A litte make up for WillLove the photo.

The second I heard the crew ask if Will was "too shiny" I knew the newspaper's cameras would click like mad and Will would be pictured in the paper having makeup applied.

Oh, Will. Your kids will love this.

Jerry cracked me up, as he continually called Stephen Colbert "Steve." Somehow I don't think the on-air persona is cool with that.

There was an interview with "Assassination Vacation" author Sarah Vowell immediately after Will and Jerry's time, and that didn't air either. So maybe they decided there was just so much good stuff there, it was best to save for when they had more time.

We'll see.

But for now, Colbert is On Notice.

Colbert is On Notice

A conversation

Will: I can't believe how many people watch The Colbert Report.

Me: And to think we'd never even heard of the guy until a month ago.

Will: (My daughter) Leah says her History teacher talks about him in class.

Me: And to think we'd never even heard of the guy until a month ago.

Will: I can't believe all these emails we've received with advice and good wishes.

Me: And to think we'd never even heard of the guy until a month ago.

Will: It's almost a cult thing. Stephen Colbert has all these fervent followers.

Me: Hmmmm.

Will: And to think we'd never even heard of the guy until a month ago.

Me: He's hip. They're hip. Will … face it, we're not hip.

Annual trip from Colorado

I went to Holiday World in August with my grandma, grandpa, my little brother Noah, my two little second cousins Anna and Matthew and my cousin Natalie.

We had so much fun.

My brother and I loved The Raven coaster. We didn’t get a chance to try The Voyage or The Legend. But maybe next year.

Anna loved the Holidog coaster. It was her first ever roller coaster. She rode it three times in a row.

My personal favorite was the Gobbler Getaway. I loved it so much!! But I’m not very good at shooting the targets. Noah beat me. At Splashin’ Safari, we loved the Bahari wave pool and the Jungle Racer.

This year was our second trip to Holiday World. We love it so much. We are definitely coming back next year. Too bad we don’t have a park as cool as Holiday World in Colorado.

Tess T., age 13
Littleton, Colorado

Prepping for Colbert

You'd think Will was getting ready to run the marathon.

Just picture him, slightly out of breath, towel around his neck, dashing about … soaking in everyone's advice.

"Will! Tell him you hate bears!"

Change the name of Eagle's Flight to "Steagle's Flight"!

"Tell Colbert your next coaster will be made out of Lincoln Logs."

Don't get added to the "On Notice" board …

"What if he asks you why you pronounce your last name that way?"

Dad, can you get an autographed photo for my History teacher?

But I'm not worried. Will is quick on his feet. Good sense of humor. Infectious laugh.

He'll do fine.

Just as long as his head doesn't explode in the next 22 hours.

Bakuli bits

Good grief.

Haven’t even posted links to the articles that came about following last week’s announcement, and bits o’ Bakuli start showing up already.

These pieces are for the bakuli.

You know, of course, that bakuli is the Swahili word for “bowl.”

And that bowl is a big’un.

Sixty feet across, that bowl.

Heaved up onto its side, that would be about six stories tall.

Don’t know that we have a six-story building here in Santa Claus.

Well, yes I do know.

There was something about these colors that made me a bit uneasy. I like how they look together, but there’s something unsettling about them.

I finally figured it out.

Back in the 1980s, I had a suit with these colors in it.

Excuse me while I head for home to make sure it’s not still in the back of my closet.

“We could use a park like yours in Nashville!”

I visited Holiday World for the first time since I was a kid (25+ years ago), when it was called Santa Claus Land.

I wanted to convey to you that I was pleasantly surprised.

The park was clean, wholesome, and economical. The family orientation and Christian values presented in the park are obvious in both the aesthetics and the employees throughout the park.

I felt comfortable and relaxed the entire time.

We only had a chance to watch one show, which was the diving show, and it was great.

The only negative is that Holiday World is three hours away from Nashville. We could use a park like yours here!

Thank you for a great experience!

John B.
Nashville, Tennessee