By Paula @ Holiday World

…and speaking of huge hairy monsters, our Director of Games was also at the IAAPA Convention.


Best to start over using proper sentence structure; April is a lovely, flaxen-haired young woman.

The huge, hairy monster in reference is Shrek.

If you've been to see a movie in the past six months, you've no doubt seen the trailer for Shrek the Third, which is coming out in May.

One of April's interests while at the convention is to see all the new plush offerings. She then prognosticates which ones will be the most coveted six months down the line and places some huge orders for her department.

April had no problem viewing the cute little penguins, the colorful Care Bears, and the bouncy-bouncy basketballs.

But when she wanted to check out the Shrek merchandise for 2007, everything changed.

The Baby Shrek plush, it seems, is classified.

And behind closed doors.

No cameras allowed.

And the top-secret plush won't even be shipped until the wee Shrekling has been introduced to the media sometime in the spring.

Totally enjoying the skulduggery, a camera-free April slipped into private viewing area.

Her eyes danced as she later told us how cute those Baby Shreks were.

Come to think of it, though, she offered no description.

The rest of us may get to see roller coaster layouts way ahead of time. We'll be the first to sample the goodies at the Plymouth Rock Cafe. We'll even get to try out Turkey Whirl next month and sample various new brands of toilet paper.

But when it comes to the Shrek: The Next Generation, we're in the dark along with everyone else.

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