By Paula @ Holiday World

How cool is this?

It’s all in the news!

An incredible tribute to this super Bowl Ride we’re building.

Bakuli construction

The newscaster had congested nasal passages. it seems; he kept mentioning it was so “colt” out. I guess he wanted to be sure folks knew Bakuli wouldn’t be open until the weather warms up.

… and I didn’t catch it all, but I think he made a joke about bears wanting to take a once-in-a-lifetime ride. He must have been talking about one of those polar bear clubs or something. I got a kick out of how often he mentioned it would be great to visit our super bowl on a sunny day.

Bakuli construction
Rachel braved the “colt” to take these photos.

Bakuli construction
I think she climbed to the top of ZOOMbabwe for this one. She wanted to take a wide shot to help us get our bearings.

Looks like a real winner has touched down in our water park.

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