By Paula @ Holiday World

Well here we are; another Groundhog Day.

No shadow is good news.

Just like we got a year ago on Brown Dog’s Day.

Those reports from “Holidog’s Voyage” were a kick. In case your memory needs refreshing, we started receiving emails from Holidog back in July of 2005.

It seems Holidog was inspired by The Voyage and decided to head out into the world for his own adventure. In that first email, we discovered Holidog had a little Voyage shirt, sunglasses and even a suitcase.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it in the many subsequent HoliBlog posts about Holidog’s Voyage, but I never knew who was helping Holidog.


The emails arrived, I cracked up, and when time permitted I posted the photos and text.

As we got closer to open, I didn’t get to those last several trip reports from our intrepup reporter, but he went all over the place:

From a well-known national park to kitschy roadside attractions.

And on to a few other national treasures (Holidog was disappointed to find out the real Alamo doesn’t offer his favorite Frito Pies, though).

But Holidog’s travels were not confined to the U.S.

Off across the pond he flew:

After nearly a year of emails from Holidog, it seemed likely his helpers would reveal themselves early in the season.

I had my suspicions.

At first, I thought maybe it was members of our entertainment department.

Then I accused some former seasonal employees; they seemed delighted to be considered that devious and creative, but denied any involvement.

Then it came to me it might be some coaster enthusiasts. They hail from all over the world and could easily work up a network of travel venues for Holidog.

So that had to be it.

It seemed a good assumption that the Holidog Helper would reveal himself or herself over the Memorial Day weekend, as we were hosting a big event for enthusiasts.

It was indeed a good assumption.

However when the secret was unleashed, it was a complete surprise.

In fact, it was right outside of Kringle’s Kafe. My scream of shock and surprise was so loud, people up at the front gate became alarmed.

It turns out a Party of Four helped Holidog see the world.

Four gentlemen, actually.

Four fellows who should have been busy working on all the little specifics on the design of our new coaster.

That’s right, it was The Gravity Group.

Got me good. Never gave them a thought.

So what got into them? Why did they spend so much time, effort, and creativity on this caper?

Korey was the mastermind. He claimed I’d at one point labeled them as geeks and they were out to prove me wrong.

Of course I insisted I would never have called them geeks. Surely they were mistaken.

All the wives chimed in with how obsessed their husbands were with this — especially when they constructed Holidog’s little traveling house.

Those fellows were grinning from ear to ear, so very pleased with themselves.

Apparently, they were quite disappointed to find out there’s not a park mascot at the home of their next coaster project.

Probably not a snarky PR director, either.

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