By Paula @ Holiday World

Thanks to Steven, our marketing coordinator, we have some screen grabs from yesterday’s episode of Jeopardy.

Let’s start with the week’s exciting theme … it’s Teen Tournament Week!

Jeopardy Teen Tournament slate

Our category popped up right away, during the first round:

"Theme Park Fun" category

It took our Teens a while to summon the courage to go to the Theme Park Fun category. They were more comfortable and confident, apparently, with Vice Presidents, Geography, and even Fast Food.

But finally, a rather timid Heidi took the plunge.

“Theme Park Fun for $600.”


Jeopardy contestant Heidi


Somewhere along the way, the dollar amounts have been adjusted up.

Back when Art Fleming was running the show (in the … ugh! … 1960s) a $600 answer would have been in Double Jeopardy.

Even the Jeopardy board gets a cost of living increase.


$600 category slate

And what is that answer, Alex?

Jeopardy answer: Get Away to Holiday World in Indiana to Ride the Gobbler Getaway in the Area Named for this Holiday

Frank from Chicago was quick on his feet and buzzed in right away.

“What is … Thanksgiving?”

Jeopardy contestant Frank

Clever lad. Send him some tickets.

(Actually, I emailed the Jeopardy Question Researcher who has been our liaison and she was pretty sure we couldn’t do that, according to Jeopardy Law. Don’t mess with Alex.)

Here’s the fellow who won:


Jeopardy contestant Stephen

Stephen clocked out with more than $34,000.

He can buy his own tickets.

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