By Paula @ Holiday World

Once a week, we have a staff meeting.

All the park directors meet with Will for an hour or so.

The final item on each week’s agenda is a round-the-table status report.

Each director gives a little update. It’s sometimes amusing and always informative.

Here’s a sample from this week.

Mike (Director of Maintenance & Safety): I’m working on ’08 Capital.

(Translation: I know top-secret stuff about what ride(s) Will is looking to maybe/possibly add for the 2008 season.)

Wayne (Director of Food Services): I’m working on ’06 Capital.

(Translation: When push came to shove last season, construction of The Voyage took
priority over the Plymouth Rock Cafe. But we’ll get ‘er open this year!)

We’ve received some emails asking about the menu for the new restaurant. Wayne is getting close, but it’s not quite ready.

We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have the menu posted on our Restaurants & Food Outlets page. Meanwhile, here are some interior shots of what the PRC will look like:

The new restaurant will be cafeteria-style, with a selection of Thanksgiving goodies.

No doubt these fellows are working up an appetite.

Can’t you just imagine the lovely aromas wafting from this building in just a few months?

Just like grandma’s kitchen around the holidays.

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