By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s been a little too windy for this sort of work the past few days, but on Monday morning there was a whole lotta swingin’ going on down in Splashin’ Safari.

Bakuli construction

It’s a painstaking process, getting that piece of fiberglass to fit perfectly onto the rest of the slide.

Bakuli, as you may recall, starts seven stories up

Bakuli construction

Not sure why the sky disappeared from the above photo. When I compressed the file, the blue sky vanished. Weird.

Thankfully, the sky returned in this next shot.

Bakuli construction

Here’s the other end of the ride.

Remember, “bakuli” is the Swahili word for “bowl.”

Bakuli starts as an in-the-dark water slide and then drops the riders into this 60-foot-wide bowl.

Around and around you’ll go. And where you stop…

Bakuli construction

… is right here, which will eventually be a pool.

Put it all together and you get this gigantic flying saucer.

Bakuli construction

Let’s widen that shot and put Bakuli in perspective.

Bakuli construction

That’s The Voyage in the background and Monsoon Lagoon in the front-right corner. There’s Bahari River in the middle.

Just don’t anybody come up with the brilliant idea that our new water ride looks like a snake.

We know.

We’re in denial.

Surely you remember the Queen of de Nile … she wasn’t much of a snake lover, either.

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