By Paula @ Holiday World

Start tub.

That’s the pool you get into right before you ride Zinga, ZOOMbabwe, Watubee … and now, Bakuli.

It was the last piece to be added, a full 73 feel above the splash pool.

The start tub is down there, on the lower right. All hooked up.

Waiting to fly.

But first, there’s a bit of prep work up top.

That’s Randy smearing on the Super Glue.

Meanwhile, Will chats it up with John Simpson from Channel 7. Will talks with his hands a lot … in fact, if he had a scrap of paper and pen handy, he’d probably be sketching out something for John.

It’s an engineer thing.

For some reason, we all got a kick out of this, on the side of one of the cranes:

At last, it’s time for the topping.

Recognize that fellow up top?

It’s Craig! (Remember Craig?)

He’s ready to wrangle.

When that last piece is up high enough, Craig will grab the tether and guide the start tub into position.


A light spring breeze can be very pleasant when you’re still wearing a jacket, but we were all willing to sacrifice a little comfort if it made the job easier.

Grab it, Craig!

…and hang on tight!

Ahhh…nearly there.

Something like a hundred bolts now need to go into place.

Still a lot of work before we turn on the water, but Bakuli is all in one piece.

One big, huge, twisting, colorful piece.

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