By Paula @ Holiday World

Lori, Jennifer and Whitney couldn’t wait.

They had to check out “the bowl.”

Bakuli’s innards are colorful, that’s for sure.

And slippery.

To get in, they had to climb up the exit slide.

Jennifer and Whitney had no trouble.

But Lori … she made several tries.

Oops. Slipped and fell.


Then she tried it barefoot.

Same result.

Finally, a laughing Jennifer flung her sneakers down for her fearless leader to use.

Must have been Spider-Man sneaks, as Lori had no trouble that time.

Whitney waved a welcome.

She’s assistant manager this year. It’s a family tradition; her sister was in that position last season.

Whitney is standing in the “entrance” to the bowl, which is also the end of the enclosed slide.

’round and ’round you’ll go, and then out of the bowl into the splash pool.

Bakuli is nearly complete.

At this point…

…just add water.

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