By Paula @ Holiday World

Once … just once … wouldn't you enjoy playing the victim?

Moaning and groaning and crying out for help?

Then having someone kind and strong coming to your aid?

Well, here's your opportunity.

No, we're not adding free, unlimited spa treatments … we're hosting an Emergency Drill.

On Thursday, April 12, we're planning to simulate the aftermath of a weather emergency here at the park.

It's great training for our staff. We hope against hope not to actually have to deal with this sort of worst-case-scenario, of course, but so many of the skills practiced in a drill like this apply to any sort of storm. Police, fire and EMS will be here, too, performing the rescue techniques they would use in an actual emergency.

If you'd like to sign up to be a victim for this early-evening event, please email Lori ( by April 10 and she'll fill you in.

Oh…and we'll feed you a nice meal afterwards.

What should we call this?

A Drill & Dine?

Victims' Victuals?

Crisis & Consume?

Mayhem & Munch?

Survivors' Supper?

Hope you can join us!

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