By Paula @ Holiday World

Gosh. One month to go.

Suddenly there’s a loud thumping sound in the air.

At first I thought it was someone patching the roof….

Uh, no. It’s my heart pounding at the thought.

One month to go.

So what’s going on out there?

Cathy’s getting the Bavarian Glassblowers Shop ready.

She told me they “take February off,” but otherwise the off-season is spent … blowing glass.


And Elmer is tinkering around on Liberty Launch.

The trees are in bloom.

Recognize this tree? It’s next to the entrance to the Lewis & Clark Trail.

By the way, over in the Admissions Department, Eric is planning a few days for processing season passes before the season starts. If you’d like to stop by to take advantage of this, check out the specifics here on our Rules & Services page.

And then there’s Bakuli

…waiting patiently for the clocks to tick, the calendar pages to flip…

…and the hearts to pound.

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