By Paula @ Holiday World

Wedding proposals are personal and private.

For some, anyway.

Mine was while gazing out the window together at a winter moon. Our 25th anniversary is in August.

Our oldest son just got engaged. His beloved adores animals, so Tom took Lena to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Tom liked the idea of proposing in front of the penguin exhibit. You know … all those tuxes would provide an air of formality.

Not bad for a engineering-egghead kind of guy.

(I'm happy to report our dear Lena said "yes.")

Do you know someone who's getting close to proposing? Someone who's a little crazy? (Okay, enough with the marriage jokes…)

Here's an idea.

Just make sure the ring will fit. The last thing we all need on Bakuli's opening day is an engagement ring going "down the drain," right?

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