By Paula @ Holiday World

We like to give HoliBlog readers a peak behind the curtain.

Today you get a glimpse behind the water curtain.

Faithful readers already know how Lori and Jennifer like to theme each season with their lifeguards and slide attendants.

For 2007, it’s all about the red carpet. (Hooray for HoliWood?)

One of the team’s “challenges” so far this season was for each crew to choose a movie theme and pose for a silly photo. I guess this provided a bonding experience for all involved.

The next step is for Lori and Jennifer to select the winner.

But this year, you get to have a say.

Take a look at the eight photos that follow and, if you’d like to, send us a quick email ( by Monday (July 2) at 10 am CDT with your vote. Please use the photo number to help in the vote counting.

Ready? (Can anyone else hear Bugs Bunny? Overture…curtain…lights. This is it … the night o’ nights…)

Photo #1:

The theme is Black Hawk Down.

Photo #2:

They call themselves the Blue Diamonds.

Photo #3:

The Blue Guardians.

Onward to Photo #4:

Dude, Where’s My Guards? (Not to worry, these photos weren’t taken during operating hours.)

Photo #5:

Gold Member. (Gotta watch which cut-rate brand of sunless tanner you buy, dude.)

Photo #6:

At long last, a movie I’ve seen: Greased Lightning and the Pink Ladies.

Photo #7:

Ogre Achievers. (I guess lifeguards have layers…)

And, last but not least, Photo #8:

Wave Heart.

Remember, we need your vote by Monday. And no stuffing the ballot inbox, please.

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