By Paula @ Holiday World

It would be a major gap in judgment not to share this story:

I want to thank formally Lauren & Amanda who worked at the Funnel Cake Factory on June 28th in the evening.

My son Bryce and I were having a Funnel cake and a chocolate apple from Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen candy shop and my son bit into the chocolate apple and thought he bit into a seed so he proceeded to go over and spit his “seed” into the trash can.

Well, needless to say the “seed ” was his first baby tooth lost and I started to dig through the trash can.

I had to find that tooth!

Lauren and Amanda came out, gave me some gloves, and helped me sludge through the trash and goop of funnel cake and soda.

We finally found it at the bottom of the goop. They were awesome and it was sweet that they realized how important it was to me and my son.

Thank you again, I very much appreciated them.

Sincerely, Kimberlee & Bryce B.
Brentwood, Tennessee

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