By Paula @ Holiday World


My seven-year-old just hollered, “Are you out of your mind?!” to his teacher.

Teachers, actually.

Swim teachers, to be precise.

They laughed and encouraged James to try.

And off he went, paddling away. Still “beating up” the water too much, but a vast improvement from a week ago.

Some of the Splashin’ Safari lifeguards are teaching swim lessons this summer.

Somehow we lucked out with our schedule, and James has his own private swim tutor.

Two tutors, actually.

That’s Jennifer on the left and Leah on the right. James likes Jordan, too, who has conducted a few of the lessons.

Are you local, and swim lessons for your young’uns sounds good? Send us an email and we’ll forward you more information, as another session starts up next week. There are different classes for different ages and skill levels (pre-schoolers through age 16).

There’s even a new Jr. Lifeguard Program that will be held the week of July 23.

Jordan passed along a conversation he had with my son the other day:

James: Jordan? May I ask a personal favor?

Jordan: Sure, James.

James: Would you please call it my bottom instead of my butt?

Bless Jordan, he has complied with the rather Victorian request. “Come on, James — keep your bottom up! Breathe through your nose! You can do it!”

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