By Paula @ Holiday World

Ever since we got the good news about the results of the online survey to determine the state's "Favorite Indiana Getaway," John has been singing.


"We are the champions, my friend …"

Frankly … no one wants to be your friend, John, when you're singing that way.

"I've paid my dues … time after time …"

John, our intrepid marketing director, actually has a decent voice. But he's doing this horrible, cheesy, lounge-lizard rendition and it's driving us all crazy.

"I've done my sentence … but committed no crime."

In fact, the marketing interns locked him out of the office. (Note to self: get a new lock on PR office door. And don't give John a key. Not while he's singing, anyway.)

Despite the singing, we'd like to extend our thanks to the many folks who voted for our trip…

…plus we'd like to add an extra day!

So if you win the Holiday World trip, instead of three days and two nights, you'll receive four days and three nights. That will give you plenty of time to enjoy a day at Marengo Cave and Cave Country Canoes, plus a day and overnight in Evansville … all this in addition to two days at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari with two overnights in one of the cool RVs at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort.

Please head over to State Tourism's website to enter the contest by July 27.

Yes, you have to write a little essay. Quit complaining.

…at least you're not in constant danger of John calling and singing on the speaker phone.

"No time for losers … 'cause we are the champions … "

As part of the Getaway Package, the winners will also receive a $500 Circle K gas card, an RCA Small Wonder digital camcorder plus an RCA Opal mp3 player.

Be sure to load "We Are the Champions" on yours if you win.

It really is a wonderful anthem … when it's in tune.

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