By Paula @ Holiday World

I give.

I thought the statement that I would reveal what’s being built next week was a clear indication it was not something really big.

It was simply something being built.

Near the highway.

In clear view of, well, anyone driving by.

Creating a bit of a buzz.

Alas, coaster enthusiasts, ye hardly know me.

You’ve been on top of the world guessing what is going on. Dreaming big.¬†Posting bigger.

Finally someone old enough (sigh!) caught the puns.

We’ve Only Just Begun.

For All We Know.

Close To You.

…and I just added another one in this post (Top of the World).

Just a tiny bit familiar?

A brother and sister act…

No, not Donny and Marie.

Not Will and Natalie either.

Karen and Richard.

That’s right … The Carpenters.

Carpenters. Hmmmm…

We have carpenters on staff.

Hard-working fellows.

They deserve a new workshop, don’t they? They’ve outgrown the old one.

That’s right — the carpenters are building themselves a new Carpenters Shop.

Meanwhile, It’s Going To Take Some Time before we announce what’s new for you next year.

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