By Paula @ Holiday World

I give.

I thought the statement that I would reveal what’s being built next week was a clear indication it was not something really big.

It was simply something being built.

Near the highway.

In clear view of, well, anyone driving by.

Creating a bit of a buzz.

Alas, coaster enthusiasts, ye hardly know me.

You’ve been on top of the world guessing what is going on. Dreaming big. Posting bigger.

Finally someone old enough (sigh!) caught the puns.

We’ve Only Just Begun.

For All We Know.

Close To You.

…and I just added another one in this post (Top of the World).

Just a tiny bit familiar?

A brother and sister act…

No, not Donny and Marie.

Not Will and Natalie either.

Karen and Richard.

That’s right … The Carpenters.

Carpenters. Hmmmm…

We have carpenters on staff.

Hard-working fellows.

They deserve a new workshop, don’t they? They’ve outgrown the old one.

That’s right — the carpenters are building themselves a new Carpenters Shop.

Meanwhile, It’s Going To Take Some Time before we announce what’s new for you next year.

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