By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s really a thrill to be featured on the cover of a magazine.

And to have a multi-page, color article.

But 17 pages?!

Well, that’s … almost embarrassing.


Well, after all, it is “RollerCoaster Magazine,” and The Voyage is a rather extreme coaster, so maybe ACE isn’t exactly overdoing it.

That’s right, RollerCoaster Magazine is the official publication of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.

The editorial staff asked for my help in putting together a feature story after The Voyage premiered last season, so I enlisted the help of Will plus the four Gravity Group engineers. They each provided an article on a different topic related to the design and construction of The Voyage.

With your permission, we’ll get dramatic and cheesy for a minute: This article includes some never-before-released photos and rare design graphics. (Rare, because we didn’t use them…)

If you’re not an ACE member but you’d like to purchase a copy ($8 per copy, which includes postage), fill out this form and specify “Issue 101.”

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