By Paula @ Holiday World

I sometimes wonder what the rest of the office staff thinks while Will and the park directors are in our weekly "staff meeting."

…'cause we laugh a lot.

Often, quite raucously.

Lori really set us all off with this story…

She's the director of the water park. The other day, a female guest approached her with a question:

Guest: You know that lady on your commercials — that Koch lady?

Lori: Yes…

Guest: And that guy … that guy who's on some of the other commercials?

Lori: Yes, that's Will Koch.

Guest: How long have they been married?

Our conference room erupted with mirth. Will looked stunned, a deer-in-the-headlights look locked on his visage.

When the room calmed down a bit, Lori continued:

I quickly explained that they aren't married … they are mother and son.

Mrs Koch didn't miss a beat: "Lori, you should have told her Will married me for my money."

Another roar of laughter.

I glanced over at my boss; Will had put his head down on the table.

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