By Paula @ Holiday World

…being of sound mind and …

No, that’s not it.

When you get involved in this industry, it doesn’t take long to hear about “I, Yappa.”

Or actually, IAAPA.

The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions.

You know, I-APPA. Or, as some say, I-double-A-P-A.

It’s our mighty trade organization.

And they just happen to have a slick and shiny monthly magazine.

…which just happens to include a feature this month entitled “Creative Communicator.”

And that just happens to be about me.

All humility aside (and a little humiliation, actually), here’s a link to that fine article.

The “humiliation” part is that photo. You’ll know it when you see it.

It was meant to illustrate a story I told the reporter. (I tell the same story–about my first amusement park experience–here in a much earlier HoliBlog post.)

The story was left out, but the photo remained.

Matt gave me his copy of FunWorld so I could send it to my folks in Connecticut. Then he asked for it back, since the photo makes him laugh so much.

Too bad, Matt. I’d already mailed it to Mom and Dad. The next day Mom called to let me know Tim O’Brien really “captured my essence” and she was so proud.

In the background, I could hear my Dad hollering (a la George’s parents on Seinfeld): What’s all that about the sun in your eyes? You were ticked off about something! Why would you tell them the sun was in your eyes?

“Uh … gee, Dad, because I called Mom a month ago and asked her and that’s what she told me.”

Well that’s a bunch of garbage. Your mom only remembers the good stuff. I remember it clearly … you were ticked off about something. You were always ticked off about something.

“Thanks for the memories, Dad. Gotta go now. I’m driving, and … uh … the sun is in my eyes.”

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