By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, so by now you’ve checked this out, right?

And maybe you even got a chance to watch Will do his thing with our groundbreaking this morning, courtesy our Kima Bay Construction Cam (or…The WebCam Formerly Known As SplashCam):

Oh, it’s been so dry lately, the dust was flying. (Laura from our county Visitors Bureau, commented “it’s so dry the grass is crunchy.”)

The news media turned out casually dressed (they’ve learned over the years, thank goodness, that suits and high heels are not the proper attire for a park announcement). I risked chigger bites by ducking into the woods for this artistically-framed shot:

And yes, the reporters eventually got Will to say it.

Planning for Kima Bay is … more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

By the by, three of the four clues in this post were pretty easily seized upon and pounded into the ground by numerous folks who like to email us.

But the “I’m a believer” hint proved to be more slippery than a banana peel. (Did anyone consider a “monkees” theme?)

The very best thing about Kima Bay? Will has agreed to add Monkees songs to Splashin’ Safari’s musical lineup.

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