By Paula @ Holiday World

No, it's not quite a horror flick…

…but close.

Last Saturday at closing, I was down at The Voyage. One of the ride ops asked if I was heading "up top" (you may have noticed it's all uphill going from Thanksgiving to the front gate).

She asked if I'd mind taking some Lost & Found items up to Guest Relations in hopes that the owners would stop by any pick up their stuff.

No problem.

Two pairs of sunglasses and a cell phone.

Sigh! What to do with a left-behind cell?

It's tempting to poke around, looking for the list of recent calls, in the hopes of finding someone who would know who owned the phone and that they'd know how else to contact the owner.

Or is that an invasion of privacy?

As that question hung in the air, the phone suddenly jumped to life, buzzing in my hand.

Someone's calling … should I answer?

Might as well:

Me: Hello?

Deep Voice: Hello?

Me: Hello?

DV: Hello?

(Oh great, here we go again…)

Me: Hello … I work at Holiday World. Whoever owns this cell phone left it behind at one of our rides. Would you know how else to contact this person so we can return the phone?


Alrighty then. Up to Lost & Found we go.

According to Eric, his staff does try to be proactive in reuniting cell phones with their owners, looking for phone numbers labeled "Home" or "Mom." A quick call is usually met with appreciation and help in creating a Peaches & Herb moment.

Oh, great, now I've got an earworm.

"Hey, hey…"

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