By Paula @ Holiday World

'Twas the end of the season
And all through the park
Families were leaving
(It was getting dark)

The children were so sad
To see the day end
They nearly missed the sight
Just around the bend

For Santa had left
Just moments ago
But while packing his sleigh
He cried out, "Oh, no!"

It seems he'd left behind
In the park's Kringle Haus
From which he'd just left
As quiet as a mouse

…his bells! Those that jingle
When shaken or held
(Those happy noise-makers
Should never be shelved)

Santa needed his jingles
Up yonder, at the Pole
To be ready for Christmas
Was his only goal

So back to the park
Saint Nicholas did creep
In through the back gate
Not making a peep

For he'd changed to his civies
Into jeans and a "t"
Packing up a sleigh
Is dirty work, you see

Despite his tip-toeing
And skulking about
Some children discovered him
And began to shout

"It's Santa! It's Santa!
What in the world goes on?
There's Santa, he's back!
Without any clothes on!"

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