By Paula @ Holiday World

As a public service, we offer the following rather startling information:

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today.

How did that happen?

Actually, it’s the earliest that Thanksgiving comes. It’s always on the fourth Thursday of November, and since this month started on a Thursday, it moves the holiday up as early in the month as possible.

The calendar finally caught my attention on Tuesday.

I screamed.

Augh! Thanksgiving is two weeks and two days away!”

Rachel and Lisa looked concerned. I never did figure out if they too were caught unaware–or, perhaps more likely, if they were wondering how in the world it took me this long to notice the gigantic wall calendar located mere inches from my desk.

I quickly called my husband so that he could invite his older sister and her husband to our house for the annual feast.

Gary reported back that Sharon said she’d let us know, that there was plenty of time for making plans.

“…and then I told her, Thanksgiving is in two weeks

…and then she screamed.”

I’ll be sure to set two extra places at the table.

James already brought home a Thanksgiving theme paper this week. Bless him, he filled a page with his gratefulness.

In particular, he’s thankful for the sense of smell, “…so I can smell cow manure and wet dogs.”

He’s an eight-year-old boy.

Thankfully, girls still smell like cooties to him.

It will be shortly after Thanksgiving when we finally fill in the rest of the blanks here at the park. As you surely remember, Kima Bay may be at the top of the list, but it’s just the beginning of our plans for 2008.

Now, excuse me … I’ve got a menu to plan.
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