By Paula @ Holiday World

We always get such a kick out of receiving "trip reports" from our guests; thought maybe you'd enjoy hearing about a trip some of us just took.

Coming back from a business trip and back to the office, it's always hectic "catch up" time, so this report will come in several chunks.

The trip was to the huge IAAPA convention, conveniently located in sunny Orlando this year.

The night before I left, I told my youngest son, eight-year-old James:

Me: James, honey, I will be gone the next several days on a business trip.

James: Where are you going?

Me: My trip is to Florida. I'll be at a convention in Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday.

James (suddenly very concerned): Mom… be very, very careful. O.J. lives there.

(Note: he wasn't expressing an aversion to the freshly squeezed breakfast beverage.)

Later on, James wanted to know more.

James: What's a convention?

Me: It's a big meeting. People from all over the world who work at theme parks and water parks and zoos and aquariums get together to talk and learn.

James: Is there cake?

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