By Paula @ Holiday World

Started off the year with one strange phone call yesterday.

Tammy sent it over to me since it was someone from a magazine.

"Hello, this is Paula."

Yes, this is Angie. I wish to speak to W.A. Coach, Jr.

"You mean Will Koch, right?"

No. I need to speak directly with W.A. Coach, Jr. This is Angie. Please connect me.

"I'd be glad to help you … what is this regarding, please?"

Mr. Coach receives our magazine and in order for us to continue sending him our publication, I need to ask him a few questions.

(Uh, like how to pronounce his name?)

"I'm sure I can answer your questions, Angie. What do you need to know?"

Are you close to Mr. Coach?

(Getting a little personal, aren't we Angie?)

"Yes, I work for Will. I'm Director of Public Relations here at the park. I'd be glad to answer your questions."

Does Mr. Coach have a secretary?

Apparently Angie was convinced a secretary would be able to locate this shadowy Mr. Coach since I was obviously clueless.

As I was regaling Mr. Coach … er, Will, with the story this morning, it suddenly occurred to me I should ask if he even wants to continue receiving that magazine.

"Nah. I've never even opened a copy. I just write 'John' on the cover and route it over to him."

Good call, Coach.

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