By Paula @ Holiday World

Thank you to the various HoliBlog readers who queried as to which particular maladies our webcams might be suffering from lately.

Oh, my.

It seems the SplashCam didn't survive pulling double-duty as a WindCam last week. John says the camera is okay, but the little control mechanism that constantly changes the view and focus of the SplashCam bit the dust.

We'll get it fixed.

The other webcam looked crummy today because it was zoomed in too far. Not at first, but once the snow started swirling there was nothing to see but vast whiteness. We zoomed back out, so on Tuesday you should be able to ooooh and aaaah at the amount of snow we received overnight.

Tim is a good friend from Texas. He sent out an email to a bunch of coaster-riding buddies on Sunday, marveling at the variety of weather across our nation (he was expecting mid-70s; braggart).

Before long, enthusiasts were … well, enthusiastically replying, with reports of their local temperatures.

Here are just a few:

Bob in Akron chattered: Current temperature: +2F, with a Wind Chill of -15.

Jerry chimed in from San Francisco: Sunny and clear. And temps approaching 70.

Bill is in Boston (he delights in calling me "Paul-er"): Here in Boston, we had a snowstorm complete with thunder and lightning. I've never seen that before! Oh, and snow squalls to boot…. (Then he mentions he's looking forward to visiting Holiday World in May.)

Mark lives on the East Coast: We hit 58 yesterday in Baltimore. Today we had sustained wind speeds of 35 MPH with gusts over 60 MPH. Stuff blowing everywhere. Bringing groceries from the car into the house I got a nice healthy mouthful of dirt. It was like used coffee grinds but not as flavorful. From 58 yesterday down to 25 right now. Tomorrow's high won't get above freezing.

And Terry sounds downright miserable: I'm typing this from my upstairs office, feeling like Bob Cratchit, blowing into my hands to stay warm while our furnace is in melt-down trying to keep the house heated. We've had our second round of blizzard conditions today with few people venturing outdoors. Thankfully our snow-blower started right up and I was able to remove about 10" of new snow from our drive and front walk before the next round of weather visits us. SEND YOUR TEMPS TO KALAMAZOO, PLEASE!!!

Meanwhile, Reindeer Games has arrived. Rachel took some photos before the snow started swirling. If I can make it in to the office tomorrow I'll be sure to get them posted.

Spring, believe it or not, is not that far away.

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