By Paula @ Holiday World


Poor pup is encased in ice.

Bless Rick (our graphic artist), he sent me this photo from this morning. I’d just cranked up my space heater, trying to talk myself into heading out into the park to find just such a photo.

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One Response to “The dog days of winter”

  1. mickey

    The Doginator , determined to give Hugs to all but is Frozen in time . Spring shall come , He shall unleash his force of Love when Spring blooms , to all those who shall enter the gate of Family Fun ! There shall be no wag left to tale. NO Growl so fierce , that shall chase away even the smallest child. No pant , well maybe with a breath mint , that He cannot make a child smile,beam with Happiness !!! Till then ,He shall resting,watching,. Being viligant.Shhhhh…. She's coming. Someone warm in a distance. Keep a stiffer{,happier} upper lip. I am frozen you know. Come closer, break me free from this frozen tundra. Lets this Love begin to grow. Is it Mrs. K. , or Santa, or children. Oh, the aching, breaking of this heart . Grumbling of a Mammoth beast he hears. Maybe the shaking of the ground will break the ice,or His volupturious roar , but years of being hidden in the ice himself, has given the beast a soar throat. There are no mammoth doctors. around to treat him. He remains quiet. Fearful of the slides to come. Alas , He shall be patient , kind to to others . The season approaches. Next time ,would a hurt to give me a cell phone/Ipod to a cute puppy.. At least a coat. Umbrella? Heated doggie wear.Throw me a bone!!! Doggie house. IHolidog been out in the cold , just try not to be ruff on him this year.!!!!!!