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…that The Discovery Channel's "Building the Biggest" episode including The Voyage never aired in the States.

Canada, yes. New Zealand, yes. Australia, of course. Asia, no problem.

But the U.S. of A.?

Heck no!

Here's a reminder in case you're not sure what this is about.

If you've caught a bootleg copy or traveled abroad to see the show, you'll know we had a group called the Secret Nine who gave us their thoughts as The Voyage was in the design phase.

It was fun. We hand-picked a group of trusted, intelligent coaster geeks to invite into our inner sanctum.

Liz, the producer, was enamored with our brilliant skullduggery and made arrangements for a number of the enthusiasts to visit our construction site.

It was fun, as each member of the Secret Nine knew eight others existed, but didn't know who they were.

I've kept this photo of four of the Nine walking toward the construction site for the first time for The Discovery Channel camera, hoping to use it whenever the U.S. air dates were announced.

From left, that's Bill, Dave, Matt and Jeff.

It was a lively afternoon.

Here's another shot I saved from the shoot. One of the construction crew members was only too happy to answer questions about his Spider-Man shirt.

The Discovery Channel crew invited me to go up in the "cage" with them for some lovely aerial shots.

"Uh…maybe next time," was my feeble, cowardly reply. Just imagine my bitter disappointment when we ran out of time that afternoon.

Meanwhile, sorry to say this post is not to announce an air date. Sadly, that seems to be something we must all let go.

However, Bill of the Secret Nine just emailed me the link to the opening segment of the show. Apparently the fellow who did the "voice over" for the piece has this available on his Myspace page.

(Reminder to Moms and Dads: To avoid actually going to the Myspace site, click on the arrow in the center of the screen, which will start the video. That way you'll stay here on the Holiday World website.)

Discovery Channels Building the Biggest Roller Coaster.

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