By Paula @ Holiday World

…and find out where it leads you.

Actually, the arrow is red, but you know what I mean.

These photos are from Pennsylvania, where the three trains from The Voyage are in, well, rehab.

I'm not going to make any Lindsay Lohan jokes. Won't even hum that Amy Winehouse song.

That would be tacky.

But it's tempting…

Every two years, the trains from our coasters get shipped east for a complete going-over. More specifically, they are completely dismantled.


Down to the itty bitty pieces. (Technically speaking.)

Then everything is thoroughly inspected and put back together in accordance with the manufacturer, which happens to host the rehab.

Ta da!

Thanks to Tom Rebbie at PTC for sending these photos.

And speaking of rehab, our SplashCam is also off-site, getting some TLC.

Dave in IT says it'll be a few weeks before our rested, refreshed and retooled webcam is back in business.

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