“Reading through the archives, again”

Okay, so what's not to love about this fellow?

I come from a family of readers. I married a reader. Gave birth to three readers. Indeed, at home we even removed a bathtub from one of our bathrooms and replaced it with bookshelves (not to worry, we still have a tub plus three showers; remember, my husband's a farmer).

So when young Josh emailed and asked for a photo to illustrate a post from three years ago (because he was re-reading the HoliBlog), there was just no saying "no." (Plus, I see I promised in the post to someday post a photo. Oops. I guess today's the day.)

Here's his email request:

I'm 11 years old and make a yearly pilgrimage to Holiday World every year from Columbia, Illinois. My name is Josh and as I was reading through the archives again, on May 26, 2005, you said something about a very long street sign reading Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. Could you please post that picture my friends and I are all very curious to see it!

Your Friend, Josh

Here you go, Josh — keep reading!

Street sign in Santa Claus

Translation covered

Thank you to the four HoliBlog readers who were kind enough to translate the cover blurbs we posted the other day.

This translation comes from a nice woman who grew up in Portugal:

Garantia de emocoes fortes = Guaranteed Rush

Montanhas Russas = Roller Coasters (Literally translated, it means Russian Mountains; that's their term for roller coasters)

Rapidas = Quick Ones

Altas = Tall/High Ones

Vellozes = High Velocity Ones

Conheca As Melhores = Get to know the Best

When the going gets tough…

…the tough wear their jammies to work.

Oh, Ryan.

When our Human Resources staff reached out to other departments asking who wanted to pull an "all nighter" to get a record amount of new-hire paperwork processed, they didn't mention dress code.

I guess Ryan equated an all-nighter with a pajama party and felt he arrived suitably attired.

He's a nut.

He's started to introduce me as his "second mom." I'm not sure whether to feel complimented or a little bit frightened.

The work started at 4 pm and wrapped up around 11:30 pm, bless them.

Meanwhile, we took advantage of this being spring break by holding several Orientations.

As the new Hosts and Hostesses learn about our Four Cornerstones (Safety, Service, Friendliness and Cleanliness) they get some hands-on experience.

Kind of gross hands-on experience, actually. Poor Derek didn't know what he was volunteering for when he raised his hand.

Training to clean up vomitThat's fake vomit in the container. It's nasty enough to make a bit of the real stuff start stirring around in one's gut.

The challenge is to learn to safely remove the gloves without getting any of the revolting goop on your hands. Eric, our Director of Admissions, is walking him through the process. (Eric was once our Marketing Intern — see Ryan, there's hope!)

In past years, we've simply done the glove-removal demonstration. It's nice to see we've made it more interactive and colorful, if a bit nauseating.

Just goes to prove that all sorts of things come up during Orientation.

Anyone speak Portuguese?

Or, maybe just know how to read it?

Cover photo

Tim, with the American Coaster Enthusiasts, was kind enough to send me this publication. He's so tickled that one of his photos made it on the cover of a magazine.

Our Voyage. On the cover of a magazine in Portugal. Written in Portuguese.

Just wish we knew what the article was all about…

But Tim's from Texas, so he's not much help.

The other day, in the dentist’s chair…

Dentist: How do I know you? You look familiar…

Me: Ummm….myoowaaa….

Dentist: Did I go to school with one of your kids?

Me: (thinking) Do I look that old?!

Dentist: I don't know…your name is familiar, too…

Me: (once the instruments of torture are removed from my mouth) Did you ever work at Holiday World?

Dentist: Oh, that's it! Gosh that was a long time ago, but I do remember you. Now this won't hurt a bit…

Me: (thinking) You liked me, right? 'cause if I did anything to tick you off, tell me now!

Got floss?

This toothy fellow might need some help once in a while.

Star Spangled Carousel tiger

He's one of the pretty new faces at Star Spangled Carousel.

Might need a little Hospitality Training …

Back at it!

The rains have finally subsided.

But not before my dear husband called with this:

Gary: Methuselah here.

Me: Excuse me?

Gary: Methuselah. They said on the news yesterday that this was a “200-year rain.” And today they’re calling it a “500-year rain.” Well, I remember the last time we had a 200-year rain and a 500-year rain. Just call me Methuselah.

(For the record, the Bible says Methuselah lived to be 900+ years old.)

Well, Methuselah and the rest of us are drying out and heading back outdoors.

What are these things popping up like mushrooms on top of the Holiday Theater?

Holiday Theater roof

They’re part of the new look for the theater.

It took me the better part of a week, but I was able to sneak a copy of the design for you to see:

Holiday Theater facade

I especially like the sentries out front.

Wonder if that’s the new uniform for our Security Staff?
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Hon, where’d you put the keys to the ark?

Got rain?

We do. Lots and lots.

It's like living inside a car wash.

Luckily, Rachel took some photos last week before the clouds rolled in.

Rick is working on the panels for Reindeer Games before it goes vertical next week.

Rick working on Reindeer Games

And what's this?

Could it be the "decorative cupola" for Star Spangled Carousel?

Holiday Theater

Indeed, no.

This is part of the facelift for the Holiday Theater.

…home of the new HoliDazzles show, remember?

Holiday Theater

They're just getting started with this new look.

Well, not today.

Today is an "indoor job" day.

Why fly when you can be carried?

Eagles Flight

The pleased look on this Eagles Flight bird’s face cracks me up.

He’s got it made in the shade.

And here’s another critter catching a ride.

Kima Bay monkey

We told him not to peek.

But did he listen?

Meanwhile, Star Spangled Carousel’s pavilion is getting some color.

Star Spangled Carousel