By Paula @ Holiday World

No, no one here is getting plastic surgery (do they even call it that anymore?).

But there are a number of changes to the park that may strike you as "something's different…I just can't put my finger on it" during your first visit this season.

It's not just the new rides. (Although we should point out the pavilion over Star Spangled Carousel is taking shape quickly.)

It's also the theaters.

Matt told me yesterday that Sandi, our new entertainment director, asked straight out, "Can we get rid of that barn look?"

It works just fine for the country show, but with a gospel show and retro-rock show sharing the same venue, maybe it's time for a new look.

(Wonder if that would work with my dairy-farmer husband? "Uh, Gary darling … can we get rid of that barn look? No? Hmmm. Well, what about that barn smell?")

The Holiday Theater in the Christmas plaza is getting a new facade as well as a new children's show, The HoliDazzles.

Holiday Theater's new look

Meanwhile, we have some new looks internally as well.

Two of our Directors are now General Managers. (Not to worry, Will is still president and CEO; we've just added a layer of management.)

Matt is our General Manager of Shared Services. That means he is responsible for the departments which support the park's internal operations … plus admissions and entertainment.

I was so tickled that entertainment was part of Matt's charge that I tormented the poor man for weeks. Every time I needed to phone him I'd start off the call in full voice, "Gotta sing! Gotta dance!" … or … "What is it that we're living for? Applause! Applause!"

Is it possible to get an unlisted work number? Matt's group includes IT, so if there's a way to get it done, he's there.

And then there's "GM Mike."

(Not to be confused with "Sales Director Mike.")

GM Mike's area of responsibility includes park operations (rides, water park, foods, shops, games, cleaning, etc.) plus maintenance and development.

He's one of those "still waters run deep" guys.

I told him if there's ever a movie made, I want to get Jimmy Stewart to play him.

He didn't say anything.

So did I get a new boss? Nope. I still report to Will. So do "Sales Director Mike" and "Marketing Director John."

I figure it would have been a deal-breaker with Matt and Mike, so Will agreed to keep us.

The news release, with more specifics, is here in our online News Room.

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